Capturing the moment

Mindfulness and photography

As part of trying to live “in the moment” instead of getting carried away with the “what ifs”, I decided to start going out with my camera and really try to notice things.

The idea came about as part of my Mindfulness course, and is something that has had a really positive impact on my life. I have noticed that it helps me to switch off the autopilot and start engaging in the moment, wherever that might be. To make this easier, I use the camera on my phone (HTC One S) as it is always with me, and doesn’t involve me having to stop and fiddle with settings etc. It also helps me to drop my perfectionist tendencies, it is about capturing the moment, not about capturing the perfect photo. (More on my perfectionist tendencies in a later post!)

Moments when my camera tends to come out:

  • When I wake up – seeing the beauty of the sunrise from the bedroom window, cats half asleep in their baskets…
  • En route to work- noticing the sun shining through leaves, dew on the grass, spider webs in hedges… It helps me avoid going into semi conscious auto pilot.
  • Catch ups with friends – a photo of an indulgent hot chocolate somehow it makes me savour them more, and is something I can look back on when I need a pick me up.
  • And the list goes on (see my Instagram  page for more, be warned – there are lots of cat photos!)

Which moments would you capture?



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