Listen to your heart

Excerpt from Kat McNally’s #reverb challenge:

Today, I want to share with you a life-changing practice I discovered with the help of Rachael Maddox during her gorgeous Do It Meaningfully challenge. Each day for 31 days, I sat quietly for a few moments with my eyes closed and my hand on my heart and asked, “Heart: what do you need?” And then I listened. Sometimes the answer cam in the form of a word. Sometimes an image. Sometimes a sensation.

Try this today. What does your heart have to tell you?

Give it a try

So here I am, keyboard on lap, trying to think what to write for today’s challenge. Nothing is coming to me. I re-read the question. “I sat quietly for a few moments with my eyes closed“. And that is where I’d been doing it wrong – trying to answer with my head, not my heart. Such a revelation, so true of so many moments in life.

So here I am, keyboard on lap, asking my heart for the answer. A quiet revelation…

My heart says thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for learning to stop battling against your thoughts and yourself, and learning to be gentle, be forgiving, and be kind. My heart says I’m on the right path.


12 thoughts on “Listen to your heart

  1. Nice. We should all try listening to our hearts more often. I am sure many of them have given up trying to get our attention and are just sitting quietly waiting to be noticed.

    1. I love how you put that 🙂 Yes, I think they probably are. In mindfulness it teaches you that the breath is always there, if you get distracted, just come back to noticing the breath. We should also learn to listen to our heart, a valuable lesson. Sometimes with anxiety I get the two confused, I think it is my heart telling me to be kind to myself and not go to x event, but really it is that bl**dy anxiety monster in my head!

      1. I know , depending on my mood, it can be very hard to pick out the right voice. Those are my least favorite days…lol.

      2. Im having one of those days, but the logical me is reminding me that it’s just tricks. I feel anxious, but probably because I feel poorly. Being off work is also reminding me of when I was signed off with anxiety over the summer, but I know it’s just my mind playing more darn tricks…

      3. Yes, I have been having a few of those days…mind is really good at tricking us into believing lots of less than happy/positive things! I don’t know why it can’t work the other way…and make us believe lots of happy and wonderful things! Well hope you are feeling less anxious very soon!

      4. Thank you, today is a much better day. I’m learning that, like everything, it comes and goes, no need for me to fuel the fire! I read somewhere that our brains are actually negative by default ( no idea why, a survival thing perhaps?) so we have to keep training it so that the positive grooves in our brains get etched really deep x

      5. Ugh, I know, lol, it’s exhausting! I was just retraining my brain about “managing energy” vs. time. I forget, esp. at holidays to manage energy…easy way to go downhill fast.
        It’s all like exercise, has to be done every day,but with the brain we don’t get fat we get depressed and anxious!
        Glad you are feeling better! Nice to know there is someone else out there working to stay more even keeled without the highs and LOWS!! 🙂

  2. Ahhh. You describe an experience I know so well: that crazy mind wants to run the show, always.
    But your heart. It is full of gratitude and hope. You can trust this. Always. x

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