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Inspiring people: Notes from the arena

I’d like to introduce you to the blogger whose posts inspired and encouraged me to create my own corner on the blogosphere: please meet Linda from Notes from the arena.


Notes from the arena is the sort of blog that you scan your inbox for, that your heart gives a little leap for when you see the name. I genuinely love following Linda on her journey, reading about her experiences and ideas, and feasting my eyes on her beautiful photos. I’m sure it’s this blog that made me pick up my camera and get out there…

Notes from the arena is the first blog that I ever commented on. I can’t remember the post itself, but I remember how it made me feel. You probably know it too, that moment when you feel like you connect with someone even though you barely know them? Someone who so eloquently writes all the things in your head, so much better than you ever could. For me, that’s Linda. (Sorry Linda, I don’t want to come across too gushy, but I want to convey how much one person’s words can positively inspire someone).

I think for me the biggest lesson that I learnt from this blog was honesty, it was Linda’s honesty that drew that first spark, and I hope that I can bring that same sincerity to my blog.

Here is a recent post that goes part of the way to explaining why I find her so inspirational, “Trading money and clutter for freedom“.

So, enough of me probably embarrassing Linda (sorry Linda). Do you remember the first blog you commented on, or do you have a blogger who particularly inspires you?


2 thoughts on “Inspiring people: Notes from the arena

  1. Aww! I’ve got the biggest grin on my face right now. It’s hard to describe how honoured I am to be part of your blogging journey and that I somehow managed to inspire you with my efforts at being honest. I think I know which post it was, “Something in the air” over at the previous incarnation of Notes.. I know that feeling exactly, the one where you just connect with someone as if they were talking directly to you. Thank you so much for getting in touch – I read every post of yours as well 🙂

    1. Phew, was worried about coming over a bit stalker-like! I strongly believe in letting people know how amazing they are, we don’t tell people enough. It was indeed on your previous blog, and it really moved me. The thanks is all mine 😉

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