Memories are made of this

#reverb13 challenge

“True wisdom lies in gathering the precious things out of each day as it goes by.”— E.S. Bouton

There are so many “precious things” that are presented to us each day; discoveries and treasures found in simple moments, memories we wish to store in our hearts and keep with us forever.

What precious things have you gathered in 2013?

Which memories from this year do you wish to keep with you always?

This year I’ve realised that every day is about creating memories, not waiting for something to happen, or waiting for the big events in life. Learning mindfulness has led me to pick up my cameraphone and go out looking for moments.

I take photos everywhere, and I’m learning to be less self-conscious in the process. A few weeks ago I spotted a squirrel at the bus stop and I crouched down to take some photos. The next thing I knew, two very quiet school children were crouched down with me – we shared a lovely moment as we watched this little creature go about his day. Perhaps my random photo taking will encourage a bemused onlooker to notice something new in their day? squirrel I put photos on Instagram, photos that I keep just for me, photos that I do as part of an online challenge that gets shared on Facebook and Pinterest. Photos photos everywhere!

The best bit? Looking back at the end of each month and revisiting all my wonderful memories, big and small. Somehow a simple photo stops all the days fading into each other. Now I can look back on November and think “that was a great month”, because each day I captured something meaningful. My photos might be blurry, out of focus, overexposed, but so is life, and I’m learning that it doesn’t matter, it is what it is.


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6 thoughts on “Memories are made of this

  1. I wish I took more pictures and instagrammed more. I used to take more photos, but I guess lately I’ve been too caught up in my own head to look outward in that way. That’s a beautiful one at the bottom of your post.

    1. Ahh, thank you. It’s Cromer beach in Norfolk (England). Sadly it will be looking a bit more dishevelled today after yesterday’s storms, but usually it’s a lovely place to unwind. There’s something about the beach that just let’s me, I dont know, just breathe out all the stress and breathe in all the great stuff, all without realising it.
      Anyway, I hope you start taking more photos 😉 I just saw that WordPress do a weekly photo challenge, so I think I’ll give that a try, fancy joining me?

      1. Oy, I dunno I am already doing the #Reverb challenge this month and that one is DEEP. I love the beach, too. I live about a five minute drive from the beach and go there constantly in the summertime, which I can’t wait for, and it’s only December. Ugh.

  2. Taking photos is a beautiful way of savouring sweet memories. They may seem small at the time but, boy, do they add up to something so much greater than the sum of their parts. xx

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