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28 posts later, 28 lessons learnt

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  1. There are so many amazing bloggers out there
  2. Blogging is quite addictive…
  3. Read lots of blogs for inspiration, and try different genres
  4. Use the tutorials that come with your blog, it will save time and frustration!
  5. Don’t put off writing your first post, just do it šŸ˜‰
  6. Insert a picture in your post to make it more meaningful / personal
  7. Keep paragraphs short to improve readability
  8. Use bullet points to break up text
  9. Use tags to help people find your post (but no more than 15 for WordPress)
  10. Keep tags relevant (this helps prevent disappointing readers)
  11. Comment on other blogs to get the most enjoyment out of blogging
  12. Look at blogs you like, what is it you like about them? Keep your blog evolving
  13. A pale background is generally easier to read
  14. Turn off the metatags that WordPress puts in your sidebar
  15. Keep an eye open for blogging challenges
  16. Follow people, but be selective or be prepared to read lots!
  17. Watch out for typos, use spellcheck
  18. Include links, e.g. to Wikipedia, to explain unusual points
  19. Link to other posts you’ve written
  20. Always credit other bloggers, or better still, use “reblog
  21. Always use your own images or copyright free images
  22. Link your blog to your other social networks
  23. Schedule posts for times when you know you’ll be busy
  24. WordPress – use the W button to copy and paste text from Word (to avoid funny formatting)
  25. Include a “like” button on each post, not everyone likes to comment
  26. Quality over quantity
  27. Don’t blog from a tablet, it takes forever
  28. Last but not least, enjoy!

There’s still so much for me to learn, please leave comments with your tips, tricks and lessons learnt…


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