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Bloggers block?


My second month of blogging, and already I’m sending myself crazy by going round in circles about the “point” of this blog. Does this sound familiar?

Questions going round and round in my head…

Have I been too personal, opened up too much?

Does my blog lack focus? Should I concentrate on one thing, such as mindfulness? Should I change the name?

Who am I writing this for? For me? For bloggers? Who does my blog appeal to?

The big one – how can I be original? It’s all been said before, by people much more knowledgeable than me. What’s the point?!

In the midst of all this I read a post about how it’s impossible to be original, but only you can write with your voice and experience, and that means that your words might reach someone for the first time. This post was so perfectly timed.

Spooky timing round 2- a blogger (www.wildfreespirit.wordpress.com) commented today on liking my blog name, out of the blue. So the name stays, for now.

Now I just need to stop comparing my little blog to the blogs that have millions of followers ( and have been around a little longer…)

All advice gratefully received!


8 thoughts on “Bloggers block?

  1. I get this all the time!
    Ironically, the message about writing in your own voice from your own experience has also been said a lot, and I appreciate it each and every time. I can’t remember where I first read it though! This is the most recent message of its kind, and a pretty good post! http://www.alexandrafranzen.com/2013/12/15/the-3-major-flavors-of-writers-block/

    I also get blog envy, all the time, because I’m comparing myself to people who spend much more time doing things, writing, social media, or are brave enough to do guest posts etc. but ultimately, it just makes me doubt the whole thing, and forget the wonderful things that have happened since I started blogging, just over 2 years ago. and then I keep going until I get blocked again, lol!

    I love the name, it’s perfect!

    1. That was the post, thank you! I guess the fact that it’s said a lot means we’re not alone in this questioning, it’s always nice to know you’re not the only one sat wondering…

      Ahh, blog envy, I know that one, including your blog! Others are more knowledgesble, cooler, more besutiful, more insightful, the list goes on. But there is only one me, and one you.

      I’m glad you like the name and, as always, thank you for your comment. I’d rather have one genuine follower than a million people who just clicked a button. Sometimes I have to remind myself of this though!

      Fancy doing a guest post? πŸ˜‰

      1. guest post? sure thang! y’know, people tell you to do guest post for the established blogs, to get your name out there. but what if all the little blogs helped each other out in that way?

        Yeah, I also constantly remind myself that it’s better to have 1 genuine follower than a million button-clickers!

  2. This is a documentation on your journey. The experience is different for each of us, the things that work are perhaps different for each of us. It is a brave thing to document your experiences here for all to see… yes, you lay your heart bare for all and sundry. You also help, there have been suggestions for things to try, there have been occasions when you have been there for support.

    I personally don’t have your writing skills, or a particularly great grasp on what I am experiencing at times, and it is nice to read your take on these things.

    If I could make a suggestion to you, those of us who live with the burden of this illness shall always experience peaks and troughs, perhaps you are in a trough right now, and questioning the validity of what you are doing?

    I find myself looking forward to reading your blogs. As you know I’m struggling through something of a trough of my own at the moment, and it has helped me in my own personal journey on more than one occasion just reading your messages, posts, blogs, or the messages of hope and encouragement. The picture challenges, whether I feel well enough to partake or not, bring colour into my life, and small glimpses into not only your life, but also of others going through these experiences.

    You’re one of the bright souls, Amy… if you’re a little down right now, you know what? That’s OK. I hope that this offers some validity, at least from one perspective. Bless you sweety xx

    1. But Steve, you can definitively write! You keep this little blogger going with your sincere replies. I am one of those people who gets the biggest smile from knowing I’ve helped just one person, it means the world and is the sentiment behind every post. Thank you!

      I think it’s the perfectionist in me (typos aside…), if I blog, I want to be the BEST blogger. Too much comparing myself to the rest of the world. There is a great quote somewhere about comparing your inner persona to everyone’s outer persona, a very risky business.

      Your post here has helped no end, I’m so grateful xx

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