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2014, more or less

wpid-ABM_1388437770.jpgIt’s that time of year again. Here I am, mulling over whether to bother making any New Year’s Resolutions, fuelled by a large box of chocolates. I failed to keep last year’s resolutions (to eat less and exercise more) within just a few days. My waistband is expanding at the same rate that my willpower is shrinking.

New Year’s Resolutions seem to be about Less. Less sugar, less treats, less food in general. Spending less, eating less, wasting less. Less pleasure.

Resolutions that masquerade themselves as More still seem to be about Less. More time running, walking, exercising, more calorie counting, more dieting = Less pleasure (if running was a pleasure for me, it wouldn’t need to be a resolution. Hats off to those of you who love exercise, I am more than slightly envious).

No wonder I fail on an annual basis, and spend at least 360 days kicking myself for being so weak (usually fuelled by a large box of chocolates). I have a funny feeling I’m not alone in this. (Please comment and let me kniw it’s not just me!)

My resolutions are going to be about More. More pleasure, More happiness, More enjoyment, hopefully not just for me but for those around me. Does that sound a bit hedonistic? Us Brits aren’t great at this sort of thing!

  • More meeting up with offline friends. More chatting, more sharing, more hugging
  • More in-depth connections with online friends (yes, you!). More meaningful conversations and shared experiences
  • More mindful thinking, not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow, simply enjoying “now”
  • More mindful moments, taking the time to really notice and enjoy simple pleasures. And sharing these moments, by photo or blog post, to encourage others to enjoy their own moments.
  • More positive thinking. (The more I practice this, the more I notice it is starting to happen automatically).
  • More gratitude. More counting my blessings, and actively looking for even more. Creating a bank of gratitude to get me through the inevitable hard days (inevitable because that’s life, believing anything else would set me up to fail).
  • More honesty. More sharing how I feel, and hoping that my story inspires others to be open and honest with at least one person
  • More belief. Belief in my ability to make this journey, and belief that my journey can help someone else on theirs.

Who fancies joining me? Here’s to More in 2014…


4 thoughts on “2014, more or less

  1. You are not alone, and that is a great observation – so many resolutions are about less, but I always try to make mine about more, too! I like “more positive thinking” that’s what I need in my life.

  2. More positive thinking. More positive change. It truly should be what we all should believe in.

    True that! I love the way you think. Also, I feel both your post and story are really, really inspiring.

    I am glad, I stumbled upon your site. Would love to read more.

    I myself recently started on the journey of Minimalism.

    Would love if you could provide a feedback on the blog!

    Happy 2014!

    1. Thank you, and happy 2014!

      I’m glad you like my blog, it’s very new and still finding it’s feet – are you doing zero to hero?

      I’ll pop over and have a peak at your blog, looking forward it 🙂

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