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Starry moments: day 1


Introducing the golden nugget. A Starry Moment is anything in your day that makes you smile, makes your heart leap, makes you pleased to be you, or simply something you are grateful for. Even in the gloomiest or hardest of days, there’s a Starry Moment in there somewhere. Perhaps the smile of a stranger?

This year I hope to post one Starry Moment per day.

Today’s Starry Moment is being grateful for being healthy and pain free.


I started 2014 with the worst migraine in about a year, the pain was so hard to bear. However, I could keep reminding myself that it would ease, it would end, and that helped me get through it. It was a painful reminder of how lucky I am, and grateful, that this pain was temporary.


8 thoughts on “Starry moments: day 1

  1. I get migraines too, my sympathies to you! I love this idea, we can get so bogged down in the negatives of daily life that we forget how blessed we really are. I think my nugget for the day would be the sincerity on my fiance’s face when he praised the center piece I made today. I was restless, wanting to CREATE and so I toyed with ideas for our wedding decor.

    1. First of all, congratulations on your engagement! Are you getting married this year? (I’m slightly addicted to all the reality tv wedding shows…) It sounds like you’ll be having a beautiful wedding with lots of personal touches. I love that your fiance enjoyed your idea, that genuine look of happiness on the face of someone you love is priceless
      Sorry to hear that you know how how horrible migraines are, but it did make me realise how lucky I am, knowing it would only be temporary.
      I wonder what our golden nugget will be today…? Have a great one.

      1. Well, it appears your golden nugget came in the form of Sunshine! How awesome to recognized by your peers! Mine today was simple, getting pizza for dinner so I didn’t have to cook after a long day at work! Also, we are getting married this year, in May. I am doing everything myself that I possibly can, from food to decor. I will post pics on my blog as I have them. I also watch the wedding shows though they make me cringe! I could never spend so much money on one day (we have 5 kids, frugality is a necessity!) also so many of the brides are portrayed like sassy mouth, spoiled brats. lol

    1. Oh. My. God!!! Thank you so much, wow. My day started badly, but it has just got better and better, culminating in this, an amazing golden nugget! Did I say wow?! And thank you?! I want to do this justice so will do a post tomorrow to reply. Oh wow. It’s you that rocks!!

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