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Project333 – Day one


Today is the first day of my Project333 challenge. I have chosen 33 items of clothing to see me through the next 3 months.

Suddenly it seems a long time between now and the end of March!

Has anyone else done this? Was it easier or harder than you thought? What did you learn, and do you have any tips?!

(Confession time – this post was meant to be accompanied by 33 pictures of said items, but am feeling a tad poorly, not alcohol related! Pictures to follow, perhaps at the weekend. Also, I have counted boots, coats, gloves etc, but not jewellery – I wear different necklaces from different people depending on how I feel each morning, I don’t want to limit this).


8 thoughts on “Project333 – Day one

  1. Love this idea, love that I met you through The Culture Monk, love the title and sub-title for this blog, love the possibility of learning more from you as you set out on this project. Let me sum up: Love that our paths have crossed here.

    1. Ahh, thank you! I’m doing a wordpress blogging challenge starting tomorrow, so hopefully that will help me find direction and focus. And you have spurred me on with my 365 days of gratitude, thank you, and happy 2014 πŸ™‚

  2. go girl! easier than I thought, and it made getting dressed for work sooooo much easier. My dress code was business casual, so most of my tops went with my two pairs of nearly identical black trousers. it was great to have a less cluttered wardrobe. best of luck with the challenge. I look forward to seeing your blogging challenge too. πŸ™‚

  3. I haven’t done this but I feel like I do it already – I don’t care much for clothes so I wear the same jeans and hoodies over and over again.. good luck though, because looking at your list, it seems hard and not like a lot to work with!

    1. It’s surprising how little 33is when you write it down! I feel the cold too so wear lots of layers, grrr! I have a weakness for clothes, but tend to end up wearing the same things over and over, so it will be interesting to see if I find it a nightmare or liberating.

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