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Starry moments: day 2 (and then some…)

Today didn’t get off to the best start.

The leftovers of a migraine meant a rough 45 minutes bus journey to work, and the feeling sick fuelled my anxiety, a bit of a vicious circle. I managed to keep everything together, thanks to my mindfulness cd on the bus and some fresh air on the walk in. By the time I got to my desk I was feeling relieved to have made it in, but feeling pretty sorry for myself (first day back after a lovely long break added to this…).

Cue Starry Moment no. 1 – a pressie from my gorgeous friend Gareth – waiting for me on my desk.

I love it, every time I see it I break into a grin. Gareth is amazing – when I was off over the summer, he was at the other end of the t’internet every day, keeping me going, keeping my spirits up. He helped me believe in myself, no mean feat. All this from someone I only knew through work. Sometimes the best of friends are the unexpected ones. Love you Gareth!

#fridgemagnet #goldennuggets

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Starry Moment no. 2 came at lunchtime as a surprise message from an online friend who shared with me her advice on how to reduce migraines ( I was so touched that someone I have never met had taken the time to contact me with these details, and offered her support for the 30 day challenge. I never ceased to be amazed by the kindness of people I hardly know.

Starry Moment no. 3 was just the simple pleasure I had in being back at work. This might sound odd,  but I am very lucky – I work with a team of genuinely gorgeous people. As a team we are also known for our love of biscuits, doughnuts and cakes, and they didn’t let me down today. I went to check on the biscuit box this afternoon, cue another smile:

Biscuits, gone! #biscuits #goldennuggets #hungrycolleaguesfirstdayback

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Starry Moment no. 4 I will wait to share with you tomorrow, I need time to do it justice. Watch this space…

So, a pretty grotty start to the day, and yet in rolled the Silver Stars, I was hoping for just one but they kept on coming. I’m starting to wonder, do great things keep happening if you open your mind to the possibility? If you open your mind to the positives? I am pretty sure that I have had the opposite happen, i.e.  look / expect for bad stuff and you won’t be disappointed. What do you think?

And PLEASE help me think of a better term than golden nuggets!!!!! (Thank you – now updated to “Starry Moments”).


16 thoughts on “Starry moments: day 2 (and then some…)

  1. So sorry to hear about the migraine; having suffered from them myself in my teens, I feel for you. Hope all better now. Glad there were the Golden Nuggets to compensate. Now, for a new term: well, I can suggest anything from the twee – ‘fairy kisses’ – through the, frankly, rude – ‘Bronze B******s’ – on to the more acceptably alliterative – ‘silver stars’, golden gewgaws’ and so forth!

    1. Feeling so much better now thanks, what a relief. I’m glad you don’t get them any more, they are grim.

      I like Bronze B******s, but think I might go with Silver Stars – it goes with my theme. Hmm, you might have just hit on something there- thank you!

      You are silver star no. 5 🙂

  2. You touch on something important in this blog (and I don’t mean that other content is unimportant). It’s an incidental mention that people that you know over the internet you hardly know. I think it’s a different way of ‘knowing’ people. I remember a church sermon once where the the pastor was explaining his vision of how it will be in heaven, We’d all be ‘bubbles’ of consciousness, no physical form, no judging people based on how they look, etc.

    There was this whole analogy of how important our physical being was… lose a leg, lose an arm, you’re still you, at what point do you cease to be you any more.

    Well, if these analogies are correct, or even close, then perhaps we should begin to attach a little more legitimacy to our online relationships. Perhaps we should stop saying “oh, it’s just someone I know online,” as though our online friends are closer to the MS Office ‘paperclip’. I’m not suggesting that our internet friends are more important, honest, or insightful than our RL friends. We just tend to to describe our FB friends in a disdainful manner, playing down their importance or impact.

    I’m thinking that if these people can make you smile, or give you reassurance, then we need to begin accepting their value to us. I know that you aren’t one to devalue friendship, it’s just food for thought 🙂 xx

    1. This is very true Steve, I have met so many amazing and supportive people online, yourself included. It is a different sort of relationship, it has to be, but perhaps we make up for what is lacking in face to face contact with other strengths. You have now got me wondering how we strengthen online friendships, perhaps without even realising we”re doing it. Hmmm…..

      1. You see – knowing my love of innuendo – you are so cruel to me – you always leave me with such good openings like that!

        Not meant as a dig at anything you wrote, just some food for thought 🙂

  3. Haha, you’re impossible. But you have got me thinking. Online vs face to face friendships. Perhaps we are more honest in online friendships because we feel less judged? Certainly I have been very honest with you and Hannah and received wonderful support and friendship in return. Food for thought indeed. You should definitely blog!

  4. I’m going to share the migraine link with a coworker. Hopefully it will be better advice than the first I gave her. In my defense… those anti-glare Bono looking glasses could help …even if they are odd looking.

    PS – Love nugget #1!

      1. I have! Today I danced to Daft Punk’s song “Get Lucky” and made me so grateful for music 🙂

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