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A blogging milestone

It isn’t, never has been and never will be about the numbers, but I can’t help feeling a rosy glow on seeing that my little blog has 100+ readers. Thank you, each and every one of you.

I struggle with how to perceive my blog stats, and (like many things) I wonder if it’s just me.
I know that I would rather have one fully engaged reader than 1,000 who never like or comment on a post. It would feel like I was writing into the ether, and it would feel almost pointless (almost, because I write for myself too, to remind myself of all the wonderful things that happen to me, and to train my brain to be on the lookout for silver linings).
With every new reader I get a warm fuzzy feeling. Each new reader is like a pat on the back, a little vindication that that I’m doing something right, and writing something worthwhile. Each new reader, each like and each comment spurs me on to write the next post.
It goes back to that question which lurks at the back of my brain, “why are you writing this when it’s all been said a thousand times before?”. And the answer – because perhaps one reader will benefit from reading it, in my words, today.
I really need to stop overthinking everything!
So, over to you. Do you keep a secret eye on your stats and get that warm fuzzy feeling? Is it tinged with some strange guilt for even looking at the stats? Or is it just me?!


38 thoughts on “A blogging milestone

      1. There is that! Just been over to your blog. I’m not just saying this, it’s great. Your lessons learnt from living with a guy – brilliant. I want to read all your posts in one sitting. Ok, I’m gushing now….

      2. Aw thank you! I’ve been told by some that mine is a very weird blog, but hey make yourself at home! Yours is great, and I’m with you on the cat thing. Cats are the best 🙂

  1. Stats fascinate me! I had no idea what I was doing or aiming for when I started my blog, but then I too, starting feeling all fuzzy! I love that feeling, and I think its special because it’s nice that other people feel it too! I really enjoyed this post..I could relate.

  2. I enjoy the stats too, seeing who likes and follows my stuff. It’s so different of an experience for me. 🙂 I love seeing where everybody is from, too, ’cause that’s just cool.

  3. I smile each time I see any notification pop up (readers, followers, comments…). I do wonder if they are just following to up their stats, or if they like what I write. I don’t feel too guilty about looking at the stats, but I do feel guilty any time I get the twinge to try to publicize my blog more. I keep reminding myself that I started it for me, and any readers are just a hugely awesome side-effect. I have other blogs that I promote and advertise and try to build a reader-base with, but my main blog was always just supposed to be for me. I think I don;t feel guilty about the stats because it makes me feel less alone.

    1. I hope people don’t follow to build their stats, but I guess that’s their prerogative. It’s been so nice to wake up and see lots of comments today, I think for me that us what it’s all about, the conversation and making connections. And we definitely mustn’t feel guilty about that!

      1. the conversations are great, as are the connections.
        I try not to be too cynical about the motivations of my followers, but I think I am jaded by things like instagram and some art forums where I constantly get the line “follow for follow” or “like for like”… it detracts from the quality of work and just becomes a popularity contest. I know my instagram account has lost people along the way because I refuse to promote others and I refuse to follow people whose accounts are not interesting to me. I do the same here on WordPress. I only follow people whose writing interests me…. I never was one for popularity contests.

      2. Oops. Where’s the pleasure in that. Plus my “reader” would become a full time job to get through, I can only just about read all the posts in a day as it is! Wise words, and a wise philosophy. We know our stats are genuine 😉

  4. I’ve only just started this (blogging), but have noticed some emotional reactions that I really don’t like — feeling some need / desire for attention / responses / acceptance that really has nothing to do with what I came here to accomplish! Despite the fact that I have only written a few posts and they are mostly short, there is a piece of the insecure kid reacting every time I open the blog. the kid who was so scared of what people thought of her, and how they’d react. The intensity is nothing like I experienced when I was a kid (decades ago), it’s almost just an echo, but I do feel uncomfortable that I’m experiencing it at all.
    Even though I don’t like it, it is probably a useful reminder: accept what is, remember to keep working on being ok in myself.

    1. You’re the first person to comment who feels the same way, a good thing for me but not so good for you! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, that’s why I feel guilty, it’s that childlike need for acceptance. However, have a look at the other comments and it seems we shouldn’t feel guilty, everyone else enjoys seeing the stats too. It’s good to be aware of these traits in ourselves so we can keep an eye on them 😉

  5. Amy! Congratulations.

    On the warm and fuzzy as well as the guilty part, I am there with you. Right there.

    It happens to me to. But then doesn’t everybody wants appreciation? I guess yes.

    But I also don’t appreciate that trait. Down the line, I wish to be the person who just does things because he likes to. Write because he likes to. Read because he likes to. Feedback and all are important. I just don’t appreciate that sometimes, they become more than that and they turn into an approval seeking sort of thing. That’s the dark side to it.

    Anyways, enjoy the ride and while on it, just be aware of your thoughts so that over the time, it can be improved. I guess, we will do it together. Keep me in loop too 🙂

    1. Yes, that’s it! While appreciation is nice and even necessary from some of the people in one’s life. like close friends and at least come of your family, there’s a point when fear of not being approved of can just interfere with one’s life.

    2. I think for me there is perhaps a fine line, my insecurities seek the approval of others, but now that I recognise it I can keep my beady eye on it. For me I think the comments (like yours) are worth so much more than the numbers. Let’s enjoy this ride together, hold on tight!

      1. True that, I have seen blogs with so many blogs with followers in 1000’s. But they don’t reply to comments or have a healthy discussion. I find that is more important 🙂

  6. So many warm and fuzzies too from looking at Stats. I think we probably all do, on some level. It interested that you asked someone above if they feel guilty about it (sorry for spying on other’s comments haha)… anyway, I found that question intriguing. Can I ask if you feel guilty about it? If you do, do you know why you do?

    Maybe you carry guilt with you a lot like I do. Feeling guilty for unexplainable things. *sigh* Anyway, I’m sure we have no true need to feel guilty for looking at Stats. =)

    Well done, you! You’re doing great here. ❤

    1. I do feel guilty, and another reader put their finger on why – it’s because deep down I like the stats because it is a way of me feeling accepted or liked. At school it was always the most important thing, and I’ve grown into a bit of a people pleaser, but now I know I do it I can keep an eye on it. I need to learn to love myself more I guess! *sigh* xx

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