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Doubly happy!

I’ve been bursting to tell you that a few days ago the utterly brilliant janeybgood from cupidorcats nominated Silver Linings for TWO blog awards. No, you’re not seeing double, there really are TWO!!



Please please please go to the cupidorcats blog. You know that moment when you find someone else with the same slightly quirky sense of humour? That’s what happened with this blog – the name alone says it all! I am in blog love.

Anyway, time for me to try and stop gushing…

The awards came with a set of instructions:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. List 7 facts about yourself.
3. Nominate other deserving bloggers.
4. Display the award logo on your blog.

7 facts about Miss Silver Linings

1. I can’t cook. Can’t cook, won’t cook. I hate cooking – all that effort for a few moments reward. Luckily Mr Silver Linings LOVES cooking, and is very good at it. Thank you Mr Silver Linings x

2. I LOVE Marmite, but only on white toast. Mr Silver Linings HATES Marmite. (Which camp are you in?)

3. When I get hungry, I get really hungry. And moody. It is now referred to in our house (and most frequently when we’re out and about) as a “level 2”. Level 2 means I need to eat food as soon as humanly possible or I’m going to have a temper tantrum. Not sure I should have admitted that…

4. As it seems that I have food on the brain, I’ll carry on with the theme. I can’t remember the last time I had a MacDonald’s. Mr Silver Linings is completely against eating meat that hasn’t been ethically reared. In our house we only eat “happy” meat, meat where the animals have been bred and reared outside. I can’t resist teasing Mr SLP that surely we should eat the sad meat to put them out of their misery. (Please, no angry comments, it’s a joke, probably not a very good one).

5. I am a fussy eater, but getting better. As a child I went through a phase of only eating cold sausages and Marmite sandwiches (not at the same time). I still love cold sausages more than is probably natural.

6. I love food, I’m permanently hungry, but I get really anxious about eating around a table with people. I think this is because when I’m anxious I feel sick, and it is extremely difficult to tuck into a plate of food when you feel sick. But I am getting better.

7. My ideal night is me, Mr SLP, my cats, the sofa, a tub of ice cream and two spoons. That is how I roll.

Now to make my nominations:







Last but definitely not least!


There are so many more that I want to include, but I’m going to choose 7, all chosen for their insight on this funny old life of ours. Please pop over to their blogs and indulge yourself in some very good reads!


6 thoughts on “Doubly happy!

  1. What no mention of chocolate and a can of coke for breakfast- those were the days. I’m also avoiding McDonalds too for similar reasons, and because they are full of junk! x

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