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Starry moments: day 10

Smile at someone in a city and you get blanked. And they probably think you’re either weird or hitting on them, or both.

Smile at someone in a village and you’re more than likely to get a smile back (unless they’re a teenager). If they’re a dog walker, you’re even more likely to get a smile, and a hello. And that’s how my day started today, with a smile and a greeting from a stranger. It’s these little connections that make me happy.

What made you smile today?


9 thoughts on “Starry moments: day 10

  1. It’s been one constant smile across my face today. The cold air, hazy morning sun greeted me upon waking. A cat’s recognizing me. A conversation with the familiar face of a man who I’ve come in contact with the most random of places, a man who is a former teacher that I never had.

      1. Just wondering, the things yoy mention are things I’ve noticed since learning about mindfulness, like the breeze on my face, the little things. We can indeed be mindful in everything, every moment! Living in each moment, not the past or present.

      2. 🙂

        In college (oh-so-many years ago it seems) I took a Mysticism and Meditation class, and it was more of a mysticism focus than meditation… however, they are coincide, It was absolutely moving, and it spoke to me on a personal level since I did take notice of such simplicity that we can take for granted. Often, I thought I was crazy for being moved by the slightest of things, even a breeze on a certain day.

        It’s helped me creatively as well, with writing. And since I’ve done meditation, which needs to be focused on again.

        How about you?

      3. Oops
        Most days were fine, but certain things would tip me over into absolute fear. This year we moved house which was one of those breaking points. Anyway, a friend who had been in a similar boat sent me s book on mindfulness, the best present ever. Now I know I cant battle anxiety, I have to accrpt it and let it go. And spend less time worrying sbout the what ifs, and live in the moment. It’s turning my life round every day 🙂

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