Happy Mind

Becoming my own best friend

Each week I am going to concentrate on one aspect of self-improvement as I explore different ways of becoming the happiest Amy I can be.

This week I will be working on becoming my own best friend. I strive to be a good friend to others, but I’m quite possibly my own worst enemy. Ok, I am my own worst enemy. But from now on, every time I catch myself having a little dig, Iā€™m going to stop and think what I would say to a friend was in the same situation.

Qualities of my own best friend:

  • Listen without judging
  • Speak kindly
  • Be supportive
  • Be encouraging
  • Be gentle
  • Be present, through thick and thin
  • Stay positive, look for the silver linings at all times!

Are you your own best friend? Do you have any tips for me this week?


4 thoughts on “Becoming my own best friend

    1. I think keeping it up can be the hard bit, and not feeling guilty for putting yourself first. I try and think what I’d say to a friend in the same boat, which is usually completely different to what I tell myself!

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