from anxiety to mindfulness

Becoming my own best friend

Each week I am going to concentrate on one aspect of self-improvement as I explore different ways of becoming the happiest Amy I can be.

This week I will be working on becoming my own best friend. I strive to be a good friend to others, but I’m quite possibly my own worst enemy. Ok, I am my own worst enemy. But from now on, every time I catch myself having a little dig, Iā€™m going to stop and think what I would say to a friend was in the same situation.

Qualities of my own best friend:

  • Listen without judging
  • Speak kindly
  • Be supportive
  • Be encouraging
  • Be gentle
  • Be present, through thick and thin
  • Stay positive, look for the silver linings at all times!

Are you your own best friend? Do you have any tips for me this week?


4 Responses to “Becoming my own best friend”

  1. Hardik Nagar

    True that!

    We all need to be more compassionate towards our own self. Really.

    More often than not we are too critical of our own.

    Great post, Amy! All the best šŸ™‚

    • silverliningsproject

      I think keeping it up can be the hard bit, and not feeling guilty for putting yourself first. I try and think what I’d say to a friend in the same boat, which is usually completely different to what I tell myself!


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