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Starry moments: day 13

A funny mix of a day, it went a bit like this…

The bus sailed past, making me late for work. Hmph. BUT, previously I would have let this ruin my day, telling anyone and everyone who would listen. Instead I made the conscious decision to put it behind me and move on with my day. I read a quote today, ” how people react is their karma, how you react is your karma”. The bus driver was not going to spoil my day.

A compliment from a student I had helped soon put my day back on track. Little comments / compliments can make or break someone’s day, so I aim to make sure anything I say is only going to make someone’s day a little better.

Then, a farewell to a colleague. But I know it isnt goodbye as this colleague has become the most wonderful friend. I cant remember how we shifted from colleagues to friends, and I cant begin to tell you what a friend she has been. On my first day back at work after being signed off with anxiety, I struggled with every step of the walk to work. Just as I was wondering if I could make it, she rang to see if I wanted her to meet me. We sat (I sobbed onto her shoulder), and she gave me the strength to get back to work. We’ve shared many hugs and a few secrets, and I miss her already, yet know it’s not goodbye.

So, it turns out Monday’s aren’t so bad after all! How was your Monday?


2 thoughts on “Starry moments: day 13

  1. I know you got a couple other awards, so i Hope you don’t mind, but I’m doing the sunshine award thingie and I nominated you! If you want to play along, please go to my blog to see the rules ( If you don’t want to, that’s cool too; just keep being awesome.

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