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Sunshine on a cloudy day

I feel slightly embarrassed, but too chuffed and grateful not to mention it, I have another blog award!


Thank you to the wonderful Kate aka Kate the lost wanderer, who I met through Zero to hero (I can hear my Dad saying “whom, not who”, but grammar evolves, right?).

So, I’m afraid I’m going to bore / perplex you all with 10 random facts about me:

  1. I love cats, I have two, but I am also ridiculously allergic to them. The doctor’s helpful suggestion was a carrier bag, some stones and a river, I kid you not. I think he was more of a dog lover. In a way it is just as well I’m allergic or I would have hundreds of cats.
  2. I hate flying – it’s not that I think its dangerous, it’s just” that I don’t like not being able to get off at any point. However, I can appreciate that this is an important rule…
  3. I love reading, but can’t stop mid chapter. Is this familiar to anyone?
  4. I hate queue jumpers, don’t get me started. Manners cost nothing.
  5. I love people with flaws, I find them much more interesting than “perfect”people, and I can relate to them so much better!
  6. I hate spiders, all those legs and unpredictability.
  7. I love lists, lists of lists, colour coded lists….
  8. I hate frogs – again, all that unpredictability due to their ability to move REALLy quickly in any given direction
  9. I love marzipan, or anything almond related (including almonds)
  10. I hate being too hot or too cold, but unfortunately I have about a 5 degree window of comfort.
  11. (I have to finish on a positive!) I love you guys!

Now for the nominations. I’m going to pick just one blogger, and that isΒ  Wonderland Lashes for her Stay Positive Project – pop over and have a look!


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