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Starry moments: day 17

Today was a HUGE starry moment in my relatively small world.

For most of you, the next bit will probably sound odd, as in, what’s the big deal? But for anyone with social anxiety – get this – I went for drinks and food with people I don’t usually socialise with, in a pub I’d never been too. I’m so chuffed with myself.

This weekend I’m going to write how I did it, as a reminder to me and hopefully some help to others.


24 Responses to “Starry moments: day 17”

  1. onbecomingmyself

    I don’t have social anxiety. I travel, go out and do stuff by myself all the time. However I’ve read about it and for someone who does I bet what you did today is a pretty being deal.

    • silverliningsproject

      Good idea. It didn’t seem the right moment for photos, nut I tried to take them in my head if that makes sense. I also kept my train tickets, and writing more about it on the blog should help too.

  2. Scorpio Scribes

    I completely understand! I am known for backing out of plans, especially parties and things that will have a lot of people. I really want to include myself but then…meh…

    • silverliningsproject

      Exactly. I WANT to go, get excited at the invite, and then talk myself out of it in a frenzy of fear. And then the invites stop. But not this year, I’m really going to work on this. Please keep in touch x


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