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Post-it notes and positive prompts

When my friend was learning Italian, post-it notes sprung up around the house in the strangest of places. I soon knew the Italian word for a myriad of kitchen appliances. I couldn’t help it, the words were all around me.

Now imagine if you replaced the Italian words with the words of positive emotions that you want to increase or work on. Before you know it, the fridge reminds you that you’re a great parent, the telephone reminds you that you’re a great listener, the front door reminds you that you’re beautiful, just as you step out into the world. (These are a bit random, but you can make them your own).


Even better, get someone else to write out positive post-it notes about you so that you get a regular reminder of all the wonderful things that they see in you!

My post-it notes include:

  • You’re strong
  • You’re beautiful
  • You’re loved
  • You’re courageous
  • You’re awesome!

What would yours include?


14 thoughts on “Post-it notes and positive prompts

  1. My father did this actually. 🙂
    While he was in training to become a job counselor, he learned about making *I* statements, and making positive self affirmations. He did it mostly for himself (which is what he told me when I told him I didn’t like all of them) but he thought we should all internalize positive messages.

    He put posters all over the house.
    Our hallway greeted me with a reminder that I should speak for myself.
    Heading into the kitchen, the doorway reminded me that smiles are good for us.
    The dining room gently suggested that I *do* something I like every day, where as the spot above the computer suggested I *think* about something good one a day.

    The most helpful thing about them for me was the *self-affirmation* aspect, the positivity was, if I’m being candid, a little oppressive for the depressed teenager I was at the time, almost like a taunt for the emotions I didn’t feel… but there were also messages about being able to make choices for myself, and think for myself. And coming to believe that was more positive for me than any reminder *just* to be positive could be.
    I’m glad we had them. 🙂

    1. Thank you for this wonderful comment. What a great dad, and your house must have looked amazing! I think you’re spot on that they have to be personal to you, and I think they have to be at least a little believable. No point me putting a note to say I look like a supermodel! Would / do you still use them?

      1. Thanks for responding! 😀
        He is! Haha, well maybe not amazing looks wise, it was a welcoming space to be sure. 🙂

        Very true. Also, something that is positive for one person may not be for another, one of those beautiful things about individuality and writing for ourselves if that we know exactly what inspires us.

        You know, I haven’t used them since I moved out, and I hadn’t considered it til now.
        Maybe I should put a few of my own design up?
        Perhaps put a spin on what your friend had going and give myself some self affirmation in the languages I’m trying to learn. Heh

      2. Well then you give good inspiration clearly. 😉

        Korean primarily, but also French, and Japanese.
        That isn’t really as ambitious as it initially sounds once you know that I’m mostly trying to relearn the french I lost, since I spent kindergarten to grade 4 in french immersion, and also learned Japanese for a year in school. 🙂

        Do you have any languages you want to learn? I think they are a great way to stretch the mind, and as we learn they can also be a wonderful way to open us up to new ideas, and feel accomplished. (Or at least that’s my experience of language learning. 😀 )

  2. As a stationary addict, I love this idea. Nothing can beat a day well spent between Staples and Paperchase 🙂 You need to add ‘Inspiring’ to your list.
    Mine would need to include: Stronger than you know; Persistent; Courageous; Positive; Content (I’m building to happy!!)

    1. Ooh, pretty stationery! I have a Kirstie Allsopp ‘to do’ list, my little treat! I will add inspiring, it feels odd, I’m not good at believing compliments, but I’m trying, thank you. Stronger than you know is a great one, you should add “supportive” and “inspiring ” to yours 😉

      1. I love a bit of Kirstie Allsopp. I’m happy not to be the only one with a pretty to do list. Do you put mindfulness on there? I always try to throw in a few positive ‘to do’s’, and make sure I get to tick them off.
        Thank you for your additional words for me. Please take inspiring and own it. You’re posts are always so thought out and personal. You leave lots of comments that are really encouraging to read. Your Leibster nomination gave me such a surge (although I’m still not sure what to do with it). You were the first person to interact with my blog and give me the sense that I wasn’t alone.

      2. I didnt have mindfulness things on my list, but I will now! I think some positive “to do’s”, and maybe some treats too. I’m so glad to have met you, blogging is introducing me to so many wonderful like minded people.
        Thank you so much for your lovely compliments, I’m learning to take them on board instead of shrugging them off with embarrassment. And nevervfeel alone 😉 I only leave comments thst I really mean, and I really am so pleased to have met you. Let’s make 2014 our year with ups, downs, whatever life brings us x

  3. I used to do this,you have inspired me to do it again.January is a very good month to start this I think,get us in the right frame of mind ready for spring,snowdrops already showing! Putting them as a surprise for friends works well.

      1. It would depend on the person involved,ie for the sake of argument,if the person has helped you,perhaps say something about how good they are at empathising,[caring etc]basically something positive which is personal to them,or if they are struggling,put a note saying how strong they are.
        Sorry not good at expressing myself,that where my post it notes won the day!

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