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Something old, something new…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how things come to a natural end, and how this isn’t necessarily a bad or sad thing as it inevitably makes way for something new.

I spend a good deal of time standing at the bus stop, under a canopy of trees. This gives me the time to stop and really notice the trees, how they’re changing througout the year, regardless of what is happening in our lives or the world around them. Winter comes, they shed their leaves, safe in the knowledge that spring will follow soon.


These trees got me to thinking about how I don’t need to worry about what might or might not be around the corner. I need to enjoy the here and now, safe in the knowledge that what will happen will happen. When I was at my most anxious, I feared every coming second, but it passed, as it always does. I need to remember this for next time, it will pass.

And who knows,Β change might bring something better. If I hadn’t had such a terrible summer, I wouldn’t have started Silver Linings and met so many amazing people. I wouldn’t have realised I’m not alone, that there is a whole world out there that I am finding the courage to explore, that I have friends who “get” me, that I hardly knew before.

Talking of change – today Mr Silver Linings’ niece is in labour with her first child. We are all so excited for her, and this marks a new era in the family, the first of a new generation. While I was thinking about this, and checking for messages on the bus, a funeral car went past. Someone else is experiencing a loss today. As one life ends a new one begins. There will be tears of sorrow and joy today, but tomorrow will carry on regardless, and I find some comfort in that, in the bigger picture.

Which brings me on to fate, and chance encounters. I was browsing the Mindfulness books in Waterstones yesterday (other good bookshops are available…), and noticed a guy who was clearly browsing a little aimlessly. After a while I plucked up the courage to ask him if was new to Mindfulness, and if I could recommened him a book. Now, some of you will know that my favourite book in the world is Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world, so I had to recommend it to him as a starting point. He said a big thank you, and I left feeling ever so slightly embarrassed. But I couldn’t help wondering if he bought the book, and if it will change his life like it has mine. Why was he looking at minfulness? Was it a chance encounter that we met, or fate? Was I meant to be there to help him? Who knows….

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9 thoughts on “Something old, something new…

  1. Wow. Get you speaking to random strangers πŸ™‚ I love your descriptions of being mindful. A funeral procession always sets me thinking about life and wondering what else is happening in the world, and part of me wonders which life is now entering into the world and where.

    1. It was definitely a day full of thoughts yesterday, very reflective. Baby didn’t arrive until today, he took his time! There’s something about mindfulness that I just can’t put into words (not great for a blogger!), but I just had to share it with this guy. Thank you for your lovely comment, it means a lot πŸ™‚

      1. You’re so lovely, and you’re welcome. So exciting about the baby? Do we have a name?
        I completely understand that need sometimes to share something…I had a similar urge before Christmas. I was in a Cookshop, and a customer asked an assistant if they had reindeer cookie cutters. They didn’t have any but I had just been reading how you could use a ‘gingerbread man’ cookie cutter upside down and make a great reindeer that way. I couldn’t help myself but blurt it out. The customer literally looked at me like I was mad (probably a good observation!!) and walked out the shop. But…the assistant was great and there followed a 20 minute discussion with her and others about how to do the reindeer thing, and sharing other baking tips. We even experimented with different cutters to see what else we could get.
        (oops, was just going to ask about the baby, but suddenly remembered the cookie cutter story and started rambling!!)
        Have a great weekend

      2. Thanks for the tip, upside down gingerbread men make sense now you say it! I would have loved your tip if I’d been there πŸ˜‰
        The baby is called Merlin, I can’t wait to meet him….

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