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Post-it notes and positive prompts

When my friend was learning Italian, post-it notes sprung up around the house in the strangest of places. I soon knew the Italian word for a myriad of kitchen appliances. I couldn’t help it, the words were all around me.

Now imagine if you replaced the Italian words with the words of positive emotions that you want to increase or work on. Before you know it, the fridge reminds you that you’re a great parent, the telephone reminds you that you’re a great listener, the front door reminds you that you’re beautiful, just as you step out into the world. (These are a bit random, but you can make them your own).


Even better, get someone else to write out positive post-it notes about you so that you get a regular reminder of all the wonderful things that they see in you!

My post-it notes include:

  • You’re strong
  • You’re beautiful
  • You’re loved
  • You’re courageous
  • You’re awesome!

What would yours include?

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Starry moments: day 19

Today’s moments that made me smile:

Waking up in the arms of the guy I love, that feeling of belonging, and of not having to go to work! Bliss.

An invite for another crafty wedding afternoon. I love doing crafty bits, but never quite find the time. This way I know I will make the time, get a great girly catchup, and make pretty things, perfect! The whole thing also makes me feel a part of the family, which can be a tricky one with step families. Anyone else have a step family?

Spotting a line of seagulls, one on each post by the river. It would have made a brilliant photo if we hadn’t been in the car. It really tickled me.

Cuddling the two FLUFFIEST cats on the planet, a friend’s two ragamuffins. I could have happily buried my face in all the fur, I had to drag myself away… (If you’ve seen the little girl in Despicable Me when she shouts “fluffy!”, that’s me).

Last but not least, seeing my old house in the city before Adrian and I moved in together, in the country. I miss the convenience of the location, but I didn’t feel sad. That house belongs to another era, it was a great house with happy memories, but now it needs to look after its new inhabitants. (To put this in context, I moved into that house when my ex finished with me after 12 years, my first house all on my own, so leaving it was hard, but the future has been so much better).

This will be my last daily “starry moment” post because I can’t keep up! But (and a huge thank for all your support and suggestions), I’m now going to do a weekly update, which will hopefully free up my time for all the other posts I want to write...

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Starry moments: day 16

In no particular order:

A fox scurrying through a hedge

An invite to a house party

A blog award

Appreciating my glasses, because without them I mistook this jumper for my cat:

The moon (one day past a full moon, but a clearer sky tonight, even if my phone doesn’t do it justice, pop out and have a look):

A bottle of snowball waiting on my desk because I said I’d never tried one!wpid-IMAG1917_1_1.jpg

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Starry moments: days 14 and 15

Yesterday was one of those days when I had to have a little word with myself. I’ve noticed that sometimes I get so caught up with blogging about life that I find it hard to stop and actually live life, let alone mindfully! Mr Silver Linings and I went to his brother’s for the evening and had some wonderful family time, just kicking back and enjoying the company. We had also promised ourselves an early night after a few too many late nights, but I hadn’t updated my blog – what to do? So, perfectionism was put aside, life came before blog. Despite my promise to blog a starry moment each day, it seemed daft to miss out on the starry moment of an early night. Does anyone else struggle to put their blog down?

Source: John Lewis
Source: John Lewis

Anyways, starry moments. Yesterday:

I had some lovely banter with a student who had changed his name, and it reminded me of how much I love these random little interactions, life would be so much less without them.

I realised that I always take the same route to the bus stop, but a shortcut meant I could cut through Waterstones and have a quick look at the mindfulness books. (It seems I dreamt up Mindfulness for cyclists, strange but true). I wonder how many moments we miss by taking the same route every day, by being on autopilot?

And of course, an inbox full of blog awards, banter with family and an early night. Bliss.


Being able to help a new blogger, both with his blog and with the suggestion of a trip to the beach to help lift the spirits (he is an amazing guy and I hope to introduce you to him when the time is right)

Being described as awesome, on 3 completely separate occasions by 3 completely different people. Awesome is SUCH an amazing word, it just makes me feel, well, AWESOME! It is never a word I would have used to describe myself, but wow, thank you.

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The power of a password

How many times a day do you type a password? Each time you log onto your laptop or work PC, to look at your emails, to update your blog…

According to The Telegraph (2013), the most common passwords are:

  1. Password
  2. Paswword1
  3. 123456
  4. Qwerty
  5. Pet name
  6. Place of birth
  7. Iloveyou
  8. Monkey
  9. Name of a loved one
  10. Yourfirstname1

Imagine if every time you typed your password, you were reinforcing positive thinking? It needs to be a word that is important to you, that you want to see more of in your life.

  • Mindful
  • Positive
  • Awesome
  • Brave
  • SilverLinings

Do you think you might try this? What would you choose? (Perhaps given an example, it’s best not to share your actual password!)

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Starry moments: day 13

A funny mix of a day, it went a bit like this…

The bus sailed past, making me late for work. Hmph. BUT, previously I would have let this ruin my day, telling anyone and everyone who would listen. Instead I made the conscious decision to put it behind me and move on with my day. I read a quote today, ” how people react is their karma, how you react is your karma”. The bus driver was not going to spoil my day.

A compliment from a student I had helped soon put my day back on track. Little comments / compliments can make or break someone’s day, so I aim to make sure anything I say is only going to make someone’s day a little better.

Then, a farewell to a colleague. But I know it isnt goodbye as this colleague has become the most wonderful friend. I cant remember how we shifted from colleagues to friends, and I cant begin to tell you what a friend she has been. On my first day back at work after being signed off with anxiety, I struggled with every step of the walk to work. Just as I was wondering if I could make it, she rang to see if I wanted her to meet me. We sat (I sobbed onto her shoulder), and she gave me the strength to get back to work. We’ve shared many hugs and a few secrets, and I miss her already, yet know it’s not goodbye.

So, it turns out Monday’s aren’t so bad after all! How was your Monday?

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Starry moments: day 12

A stroll to the shops turned into a lovely walk today, and we came across a water mill in the next village that I didn’t even know existed. It was great to stop and listen to the power of the water as it rushed through the man-made channels, racing itself to get to the other side.

Watching and listening to the intensity of the water before the same water found itself calm again reminded me of the power of my thoughts and anxiety. Fight against them and they battle loudly and dangerously, but observe them without criticism, give them time and space, and the same thoughts settle and subside.